JhuangLab host


Download here.

New features

  • Shiny application supported

  • Numbers increased of included items, especialy the databases

  • Use github forum

  • Add parameter overwrite in install.bioinfo

  • Add Opencpu, Shiny and Rstudio service in Docker container

  • Use ‘Setting’ module in Shiny application to manage the variables

Minor bugs fixed

  • Check and confirm delete the existing dir only when clone a github project


Download here.

New features

  • Multiple resources file be supported

  • Adjust and set db, github, nongithub, web and docker in inst/extdata/config

  • Meta information of software and database be added in newly supported items

  • Decompress can be auto-recognized

  • Docker supported

Minor bugs fixed

  • default is to write tempfile() now

  • Fixed a bug when set to FALSE. It can raise installed fail


Download here.

New features

  • ANNOVAR databases can be download using inst/extdata/databases/ANNOVAR.toml

  • Move databases toml file to inst/extdata/databases/

  • local.source be supported (Don’t need download the source code again when it were download already)

  • Function docker.pull and be added to download and search docker repo

  • Function craw.all.versions be added to crawl source code of all version (Sotwares or databases)


Download here.

New features

  • #R# CMD #R# marked the R CMD need to be runed

  • glue parse be supported

  • Softwares versions of github.cfg be fetched from github API

  • destdir and download.dir can be setted respectively

  • verbose default is TRUE, show log infomation

Minor bugs fixed

  • Fix unlink() clean tests files fail on windows (force = TRUE)